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Artist's depiction of a black eyed kid.

Black eyed kids (sometimes abbreviated as BEKs) are children who possess distinctively all-black eyes and a strange desire to invade the personal space of others. Black eyed kids are claimed to be a paranormal phenomenon, with theories ranging from demonic possession to alien/human hybridization.

The most famous BEK sighting was reported in 1998 by Brian Bethel, although this may not be the first BEK sighting.[1] At approximately 10:00PM, Brian pulled into the parking lot at an old movie theater to write a check. He was surprised by two male children knocking at his car window. According to Mr. Bethel, they possessed all-black eyes and both appeared to be between 10 and 14 years old. However, he didn't notice their all-black eyes until they had demanded several times to be let into his car. Only when he felt himself subconsciously opening the door lock, he noticed that they had coal-black eyes. He immediately left the scene when they began shouting at him to let them in.

Since then, many more BEK sightings have been reported on the internet.



Most witness reports described the black eyed kids as having the following characteristics:

  • Coal black eyes, including iris and sclera. They are almost always described as reflective. [2]
  • Often teenage, and usually within the age range of 10 to 14.[3]
  • Inspires a feeling of primal fear or dread.[4]
  • They ask to be invited inside; whether it's asking for a ride, asking to use the phone, and so on. They become more and more aggressive as they are denied.[5]
    • There is no data to indicate what happens if someone actually lets them in.
  • Sometimes the children wear clothes that are unusual for the era. (Mid-1970s clothing in the 1990s, for example.) On other occasions, they wear typical but non-descript clothing that would be suitable for a child that age.
  • Most sightings occur at dusk or at night.[6]
  • Either very eloquent, or very silent, as per the Bethel sighting.


There are several paranormal explanations for the black eyed kids phenomenon.

  • Alien hybridization: The shiny and reflective black eyes of the BEKs are similar to the stereotypical grey alien eyes. This leads some to believe that BEKs are the product of alien hybridization. Hybridization is a theme in alien abduction cases, with many abductees reporting that grey aliens were researching how to create a hybrid of human and grey DNA.[7]
  • Demonic possession: Dark eyes are sometimes associated with demonic possession, which is said to affect the appearance of the eyes. Supposedly, demons would choose children to put up a veneer of innocence to lure people into a false sense of security.[8]
  • Vampiric: The need to be invited into a place, instead of simply barging in, is reminiscent of traditional vampire mythology. According to vampire mythos, a vampire cannot enter a home unless invited.[9] This implies a possible connection between the vampire mythos and the black eyed kids.

Some non-paranormal explanations:

  • The stories may be fabricated or exaggerated.
  • Kids are wearing all-black sclera contacts. All-black sclera contacts are available for purchase and can produce an effect similar to that reported on BEKs. However, they are extremely expensive, running approximately $130 for just one lens and $260 for a full set.[10] It would be unlikely that a pair of early teenagers could afford $500 worth of contacts for a one-time prank. It would also be difficult to wear these at night and for long periods of time.[11]

Report on Black Eyed Kids

The following is a Paranormal Radio report on Black Eyed Kids:[12] <youtube v="PfXn-uH8RYs" />


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