IN Allen County August 1985 #00001

Allen County, Indiana
Near Fort Wayne July / August 1985, evening

Don’t know if it was Bigfoot or not, but about July or August of 1985, in the evening hours – about twilight, my brothers and I were walking down the railroad tracks behind our house in the direction of Fort Wayne – Pretty large city for a sighting of bigfoot, but non-the- less, I will tell you what we saw.

As we walked, we talked and threw rocks and were generally being young boys – (I was 12 at the time) when my oldest brother noticed something that we had never seen before – and being that we always walked these tracks, we knew if something didn’t belong…  At any rate, it looked like a large mound of black dirt just off the left side of the tracks, fairly near the rails. We couldn’t really tell what it was in the evening light, but we continued to walk toward it anyway, talking and kicking stones, not thinking a whole lot about it.  We got probably within 100 to 150 feet from it, when quite to our surprise, it stood up on two legs – quite big and very tall I might add – maybe 7 to 8 ft. in height, and with two huge steps it cleared a double set of railroad tracks and ran down the ravine on the right side of the tracks and disappeared into the woods.  It was tall, 7 to 8 feet, stood up on two legs; massive upper body.

We ran like hell for home and told our dad who reassured us it was probably just a deer – I
accepted that at the time – even though I have yet to see a deer stand up on two legs and sprint across two sets of railroad tracks.  To date, I cannot claim it WAS bigfoot – we never got a close look at it, nor did it let out any “common” bone-chilling yells or other sounds. But whatever it was, it wasn’t an animal we had ever seen before – perhaps it was just a man – but if it was, he should have been in the record books.

The area has railroad tracks – slight hills, grassy and small bushes on the left side. Wooded with a slight ravine on the right side. There was a small creek and a small pond in the woods to the right side of the tracks. Our father was notified.


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