IN Blackford September 1979 #00001

Submitted to BFRO by Witness Richard on Monday, June 1, 1998.
Two brothers hear strange screams while target shooting. Unusual scratching on a tree discovered the following day
YEAR: 1979
SEASON: Summer
MONTH: September
STATE: Indiana
COUNTY: Blackford County
LOCATION DETAILS: Blackford County, Indiana located in the southeast part of the county 1 mile outside of Dunkirk, Indiana. West of State Road 167

OBSERVED: It was about 7:00 PM in September. It was still pretty light outside. My brother who had come home on leave from the military was visiting us. He and I had been target shooting north of Dunkirk in a heavily wooded area. After returning back to Dunkirk we heard what sound like a scream come from the woods we had been in. The sound was extremely loud and was coming over a 40 acre field. I released my German Shepherd off his leash to see if he would go investigate what the sound was. The dog promptly went through the front screen door of the house and refused to go back outside even though he was never allowed inside the house in the past. My brother wanted to investigate what it was. I decided discretion was the better part of valor and declined. The next morning we went back into the woods in the area we heard the noise and found several trees “scratched” at about the 6 foot mark above the ground. Much like a bear does to mark its area. The only thing about it is there are no bears in Indiana.

OTHER WITNESSES: Returned from the woods target shooting in an open field. The area we were in was west of the woods. We were firing in a north direction into a raised area south of a creek be
ENVIRONMENT: The area is heavily wooded and borders the town of Dunkirk to the south. The area has a small stream going through it and a small pond. The weather was clear with little wind if any. The woods were dense and had various thicket patches through it.