Candy Corn and Campfire Stories

When we were young, we use to sit around campfires or tuck ourselves under blankets during sleepovers and tell stories to each other.  Those stories we retold year after year, were to scare our friends or even our younger siblings.  Stories that enthrall the young listener with ideas of a “Hook man”, monsters under the bed, or what happens if you do not behave (insert insidious laugh here).  We eventually grow up and get lost in the mainstream of life.  Gone are the ghouls and goblins of regular fantasy, on come bills and responsibilities that can sometimes seem just as scary.  You know, life happens, whether you want it to or not.   

Once a year, if you’re lucky (or still a kid at heart like me) you get to revisit those days of terror.  Halloween, yes Virginia there is a light in all that darkness of adulthood.  Scary movies plastered all over the tube, and all the candy you can eat (now there is no one to tell you to slow down).  For one day in all the year, you can dress up and be young again. 

However, over the past few years I have noticed a strange turn of events.  More and more during the year I hear about ghosts and spirits, demons and devils.  Popular culture has jumped on the bandwagon that I, frankly, hope they do not hop off of.  Television shows coming back, like the A&E’s “Ghost Hunters”, the CW’s “Supernatural” is still kicking around even though it is in it final season, the new “Ghost Nation”  on the Travel Channel, and a myriad of others across the television dial dance across my TV set and I am a kid again.  No longer, it seems, is this fascination with the supernatural restricted to Halloween.  

This is the reason that I, along with millions of others; tune in to see what the Winchester boys are up to each week.  We are kids again; free to feel that icy chill that goes down our spines when we scare ourselves.  We immerse ourselves in the creepy and spooky hoping to get a glimpse of something that will make us feel like we did under those blankets, telling those stories. 

As I sit here typing this, the real world and all its problems beckon at the door. I am glad to find that once again the reruns of the past Supernatural episodes are on, giving me the chance to put off worrying about paying the cable bill, or the electric, and just letting me be a little kid again listening to spooky stories under the covers.  I can deal with the world tomorrow.  Have a Happy Halloween.  

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