Feud or No?

The OG of paranormal reality shows, Ghost Hunters, is coming back with most of the original main cast. However, even though Grant Wilson is coming back to the GH program, his old partner Jason Hawes is launching another show on another network. Not only is it in seemingly in competition with the original, but taking some of the original crew.

The rumors about a feud grows even more when one looks at the website for the The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) and how the organization is not going to be a part of the new Ghost Hunters show. So Ghost Hunters will not be about TAPS and their cases, but Ghost Nation will?

After Wilson left the GH show in 2012 , there was only nice things said from the two. In 2013 the two partners sold the “haunted” hotel that they both owned and apparently went their separate ways.

The new Ghost Hunters actually started courting Hawes and the TAPS team, only to have them withdraw and to have Grant Wilson come back with a new team. A team that the production company sent out a casting call to fill out. So it’s not Ghost Hunters, but a copy?

It is something strange that the fans are going to have to deal with, a new show with an old feel or an old show with a new feel. Just for the sake of programming and rating, they better be on different nights.

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