Hellier – Promotion or More

On twitter today I waded through the normal schlock of gamers, politics, “Influencers”, and tried to weed down into something I am actually into. I come across a tweet from someone I totally forgot that I had followed, Greg Newkirk. Now I remember being interested in the Paranormal Museum that he and Dana Newkirk work with, but I must confess I didn’t know much about them. Something I put on the back burner to look up later and never did.

Cue today, when a tweet catches my attention about him receiving “encrypted emails” that are pushing him to remove a thread from the next season of Hellier. With of course, the obvious threat of “or else”.

So, needless to say I was intrigued. I contacted a couple people I still know in paranormal circles to see if this is a marketing ploy or something else. The responses I received were a mix of “not sure” to “yes, it is serious”. That doesn’t help me really with determining if this is truth or marketing. Heck, I didn’t even know Hellier was a thing. So I guessed that I just needed to check out the series.

Available on YouTube for free, and on Amazon Prime, the availability seemed pretty wide. I optioned for Amazon, since it is just a press of a button on the television anymore.

I have to say, that after watching the five episodes that consists of season one, that I am now even more not sure. I can see that a story that seems to start with mysterious emails from someone is easily promoted by “concocting” mysterious emails threatening season 2. But some of the items they discuss and explore makes you wonder. Some connections that are drawn are different, others are actually things that have been stated for years. But I think it is the way that it is presented that draws you in.

So I guess what I am saying, if it is a marketing ploy, then it worked and I enjoyed the series and am looking forward to the second season starting November 29th. First on Amazon Prime, then a couple weeks later on their YouTube channel. If it wasn’t a ploy, then I guess we will see what is coming for the second season.

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