IN Brown Fall 2013 #00004

Brown County Bigfoot Case
Brown County, Indiana: In the fall of 2013, a family was having some peculiar nightly activity. They had become afraid to venture outside after dark. Then one evening, the man of the house-hold was setting outside enjoying a small bonfire. He had seen something that had startled him. Like the rest of his family, he then refused to spend anytime outside of the house after the sun goes down.
When interviewed, he would begin to tell of his experience then stop half way through and shake his head stating, “I don’t know what I seen.” His wife informed me, “This summer, things just seem to have an eerie feel to it after dark. Normally, we love to have bonfires at night with the kids…but not lately. He (referring to her husband) has lived here all his life and I have never seen him act this way.”
To my understanding, as he sat around his bonfire, he had noticed a large silhouette standing near a tree line as if this figure was watching him within the darkness.
I searched the area but did not locate any prints. I did however discover that there was a power-line clearing less than 1/4 a mile away. This seems to be consistent with Bigfoot reports within Indiana. I set up a trail-cam near the tree line where the figure stood. I left the trail-cam there for several weeks but did not get any pictures.
March 2014: Being that most Bigfoot reports begin to pick up in the spring, I thought I would get a jump on it and visit the same area.
I stopped and briefly spoke to the eyewitness. He advised that nothing strange has happened lately… then he stated, “But the coyotes have been getting more vocal at night and acting crazy.”
I ventured on to the power-line area.

As I searched the area I discovered tall grass smashed down as if something had been laying in it. I assumed deer must have been bedding there.

Dead coyote with a muddy foot print on its back.

Same coyote with a severely broken leg.

30 yards from the coyote, I stumbled onto what looks like a print. The print measured 14 1/2 inches long. The print appeared to be aged. Then I discovered another print. This print was just the indention of the heel of a foot. It was in line with the other print as if running up a hill. I measured the stride.
An 8 foot stride going up a hill.
As a field researcher, you never want to make something out of nothing. You want to be sure of what you are documenting. Though these may or may not be considered credence within Bigfoot research, it definitely rates a 9 on the “strange-meter”.

Brown County, Indiana Power-line area 1/4 mile away from sighting

I discovered a dead coyote. Upon closer inspection I realized there was a muddy foot print on the back of the coyote.

I began inspecting the coyote for any signs of being shot. It did not appear as if the coyote had been shot. I did discover that the coyote had a broken leg. The leg was snapped into. The break was high near the shoulder. I used a stick to prop the leg up and took a picture to show the break.
The rib cage felt mushy. It appeared as if someone had snapped the right front leg and then crushed its rib cage by stomping on it…with a big muddy foot.

Coyote with a big muddy footprint on it like it was stomped to death.