IN Brown May 1995 #00003

Submitted to BFRO by witness on Friday, December 5, 1997.
Two campers hear strange sounds and see the outline of an upright creature.
YEAR: 1995
SEASON: Spring
DATE: 28
STATE: Indiana
COUNTY: Brown County
LOCATION DETAILS: Indiana, Brown County, Elkinsville, Lake Monroe area
OBSERVED: My cousin and I were camping way out in the woods. We had just got there and built a fire when we heard a scream up on the ridge. After we heard the scream we shot our 12 gauge shotgun into the air and saw the creature’s outline from the moonlight it was standing upright like a human, running down to the water’s edge making a howling noise never heard before in either of our lives.
ALSO NOTICED: We saw something that looked like a large foot print but we weren’t sure.
OTHER WITNESSES: Setting up camp and getting ready to eat.
ENVIRONMENT: It was in the backwaters of Lake Monroe and the Hoosier National Forest. It’s a very thick area with a lot of vegetation and pine forests.
Follow-up investigation report:
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This report may still hold merit because there have been some historical accounts within the Hoosier National Forest. Therefore, I believe this narrative should be included in the database. If the original submitter reads his account here, please email me in total confidence that I will respect their confidentiality……Ron Schaffner (; curator