IN Carroll May 1968 #00003

REPORT RECEIVED: From the G.C.B.R.O. Web Site Submission Form

DATE: May, 1968
TIME: Morning, 7 A.M. to 9 A.M.

LOCATION: Near the town of Delphi, Indiana, Carroll County
OBSERVED: A creature covered in black hair walking upright approached the door of my great Aunt and Uncles’ kitchen door. My Great uncle said that the creature was “monkey looking” and about five foot high. My Aunt and Uncle had just finished eating their breakfast when they noticed the creature approaching. My uncle waited until the creature was about 20 feet from the door then he opened the door and “gut shot” the animal with his 22 rifle. He said that the animal screamed {not surprising} grabbed its’ stomach, where shot and ran back into the woods. It ran away on its’ two legs never dropping to all fours.

Activities of Witness: They were finishing up their breakfast prior to going to the woods to mushroom hunt
Description of Creature: 5 ft high, monkey looking, black haired, walking upright
Other Notes: There was blood that my uncle found leading into the woods, but he found nothing else when he went mushroom hunting later in the day in the woods.
My Great Aunt and Uncle had never heard of Bigfoot and their explanation was that it was an animal that escaped from a circus; they never made a big deal of the shooting or sighting. I know that this story was true because my Aunt and Uncle told it to me over the years and it never changed or was never embellished.
Other Notes: None