IN Cass February 20, 2008 #00002

CASS County, Indiana, February 20, 2008 –

A 9:30am, Wednesday, February 20th 2008 sighting in Cass County, Indiana, prompted an email to Indiana Bigfoot about the sighting. Upon contacting the individual about the email, I was able to drive to Cass County and meet the family who reported it. As it turns out, this is the second sighting within about a week’s time in basically the same location.

The first one (a week prior) was witnessed by two family members at the same time, and on previous occasions, both family members have seen these creatures in the general area in previous months and years, and have in a previous winter, found approximately 16 to 17 inch footprints in the snow in their front yard.

Because of privacy concerns, a rich history of sightings in a narrowly defined area, and the potential of ongoing sightings in this specific area, details concerning these sightings are not going to be available at this time on this website.

If you are from Cass County and HAVE HAD what you believe to have been a sighting or encounter, please contact Indiana Bigfoot about it. Like many counties with significant waterways passing thru it, along with plenty of farm and woodlands in it, Cass County seems to have a great potential for information to add to the growing database about these creatures in Indiana. Your privacy concerning anything you can contribute will be of the utmost importance.

Mike Bardsley
Indiana Bigfoot