IN Cass November 30, 2005 #00001

DATE: Wednesday, November 30 – 2005

TIME: approx. 4:30 p.m.

SIGHTEE: Name withheld by website. Sightee is a part-time BF researcher and is of Cherokee and Miami Indian linage, and is highly versed in the history of Indiana and the Midwest, in Native American affairs.

LOCATION: South of Logansport Indiana on U.S. 35 – on west side of road while driving south. Specific location held confidential from publishing.

TYPE: Visual sighting

AREA/TERRAIN: Cow pasture with large area of woods – small pond on property – gravel pit in the area – also state dump nearby – rail road parallels U.S. 35 in this area, and Wabash River only a few miles away. This area is part of the “Wabash Valley”.

WEATHER: Upper 30s … clear with a few spotty clouds

EVENT/ENCOUNTER: Sightee was off work, had gone into Logansport from work which was south of town. Upon heading south back out of town, he was approaching the area he works at, when he looked over to the right (west) and saw standing on the edge of a wooded area next to a cow pasture, a single 7 to 8 foot tall, black ‘slick haired’ (not clumpy or matted) creature facing slightly back north watching the cows in the pasture and woods. The head was more coned than round and overall hair length was possibly 3 to 4 inches in length. The overall body type was massive and muscular, with long arm(s) hanging down near knee area. The creature was leaning against a tree, so left arm was not visible. Lower legs and feet obscured from view due to the ground clutter and dried grasses it was standing in.

Sightee slowed down as quickly as possible, but couldn’t immediately turn around with other traffic behind him. It’s not exactly clear how many seconds he was able to see the creature, but did go back the next day to make sure it wasn’t some form of natural growth or debris at the tree creating the appearance of a ‘form’. Nothing was visible to see there at that time. Is intending in the future gain permission to look around on this private property for any further evidence.

PREVIOUS EVENTS: While in the process of purchasing some property in Putnam County in the 70’s, had THIS event occur.

VISUAL FACE OBSERVATION: No… but head was very large on muscular shoulders that sloped up to back of head.

MIKES NOTES: Originally, this report came in early in December 2005. Due to various circumstances I hadn’t been able to process this and a couple other reports. I’ve communicated with sightee several times. While it may seem late in the year for a sighting in Indiana, historically there have been sightings in virtually every season of the year. This area of “North Central Indiana” is in part of the Wabash Valley, which covers a lot of territory. If you’ve ever driven from South Bend Indiana to Kokomo Indiana, you’ve passed thru part of the Wabash Valley. Also, heading west FROM Wabash Indiana over to U.S. 31 on U.S.24 and west, you’d have been IN the Wabash Valley. This is beautiful, natural land, most of which is still just rural farm lands and unspoiled rural, rustic areas. As you get immediately south of this area, the topography begins to rapidly turn into the classic “typical Indiana flatlands” most people associate with Indiana. This area and down the western part of Indiana all the way to southern Indiana is NOT what most people think of when talking about Indiana. There are many rugged rural areas left with ‘most’ of Indiana’s major waterways converging at Logansport, then Lafayette Indiana, and then flowing down the western side of Indiana to the Ohio River.

Added to website: Sunday, March 5, 2006
Michael R. Bardsley
Indiana Bigfoot Awareness Group