IN Clark March 1983 #00002

Clark/Floyd counties have some pretty remote areas, believe it or not. I found a track way once, a long time ago 1983 actually. On Silver Creek at the mouth entering the Ohio. It was early spring March I believe, still cold out. They followed a trail that was from dirt bikes and ATV’s, thought it was weird for someone to be out bare foot. Figured it was a homeless person at first, but they turned and went down a steep incline and down to the bank of the creek. No slips, or slide marks. Just stepped right down, I slipped twice going down to follow them. They crossed back up and back down to the bank two more times. Then moved out towards the bank of the Ohio…. (A short report from one of our readers) Clark and Floyd Counties are in Southeastern Indiana located along the Ohio River. Several sightings over the years from both counties.