IN Decatur January 31, 2016 #00002

Bigfoot or Indiana Mothman/ Owlman Report

This is a strange report that I received on February 1, 2016. Odd description for a Bigfoot Report!!!
Report: On January 31, 2016, we were driving down St Rd. 46 at approximately 7:00 PM from Greensburg to Batesville, Indiana when we spotted something by the railroad tracks. It was a large bodied bipedal animal standing approximately 8′ tall with very broad shoulders.
The eyes were very round (golf-ball like) and set close together. The eyes were glowing an amber color in our headlights. As we drove by, the silhouette of this animal just stood there and didn’t move but the eyes followed us as we passed on by. This animal looked as if it had no neck and had a very light tint to the hair that covered its body.
After getting the exact location from the eyewitness, on February 3, 2016 at 9:00 AM, I met the eyewitness’ boyfriend out at the location. (Eyewitness was not present due to work schedule.) The boyfriend was very familiar with the encounter as it was relayed to him first hand by the two eyewitnesses.
Statement: “As they were driving east on St Rd 46 heading toward Batesville, they observed this creature standing along the roadside on the embankment by the tree line that sets on the north-side of the railroad tracks. The creature just stood there and watched them pass by. It stood by the trees just before you get to the McCoy sign.”

Statement: “The way they described it, it was light in color, almost a white or a light pinkish tint to it. They said it looked as if there was no neck, just broad shoulders with these large eyes glowing an amber color. The best way she could describe it; she said it looked like an eight foot tall owl standing there. She even said it looked as if it had a beak on its face.”

The area the creature was standing as they passed by in the car. “It was standing along the tree line.”

Note: I and the eyewitness’ boyfriend searched the area for prints. We did find in the area where it was said to be standing, a deep impression in the soft ground with the grass and soil concave. However— no tangible prints were found.

Railroad tracks that set on the south-side of the tree line where the creature was seen.

Though the eyewitness’ are not sure of what kind of a creature they had seen, they are certain they seen something very unusual and unknown to science. Was it a Bigfoot— or perhaps was it what many people refer to as “The Mothman or Owlman”.

After including this investigation to our website, I was contacted by an individual named “Marcus”.
Marcus brought to my attention that this is not the first time that the so called “Mothman or Owlman” has been seen in Greensburg, Indiana— or at least a creature with a similar description. Marcus gave me a web-link to the Indianapolis Journal of September 24, 1893 (Sunday Paper).
The Indianapolis Journal reads as such:
A Terrible Monster
Two Greensburg women meet with a hair raising experience.
Greensburg, In. Sept. 23— Mrs. Caspar Mann and Mrs. Joseph Groswick were returning home in a buggy last evening, when they heard an unusual noise from the woods along the road. A moment later a horrible creature descended a tree, coon-fashion and running after the buggy. Attempted to climb up behind. There was a race for life that continued, when two men with dogs were met, and the pursuing monster fled into the woods. The animal was about seven feet long. It’s head ended in a beak, like an eagles, and it’s body was round, like that of an alligator, covered with scales, and ornamented with a pair of wings.
Here is the link to the Indianapolis Journal that Marcus gave me. Just click on the button below to be directed to the link.

Indianapolis Journal

Investigated by Chris McDaniel
Special thanks to Marcus and the eyewitness’