IN Floyd 1958 #00003

The Paddy Report 3-24-12
Your first name: Paddy (last name on file)

Which county? Floyd
Estimated date? 1958
Estimated time? Late afternoon

Nearest city? Georgetown, Indiana

Nearest Road(s): State Hwy. 64

Length of time the encounter lasted: 1-2 min.

How many witnesses? 2

Please describe your encounter:

Classmate Vicky xxxx had come home from school with me to collect and identify various tree leaves for a class project. We were in the 3rd. grade, I was 8 yrs. old. We rode together on my bike to Wolfe cemetery less than a mile from my house to collect the leaves. After being there for probably 30 min. or more, I was walking towards a particular tree that stood at the edge of some dense underbrush that formed a western border of the cemetery when I heard a rustle in the brush coming from the exact spot where I was headed. I stopped maybe 15 ft. from my goal, as a large creature crawled out of the brush and stood up. It seemed as shocked to see me as I it and for a moment we both stood there staring at each other before I screamed and ran. My friend and I (both still screaming) jumped on the bike and went home as fast as we could. I don’t recall any particular smell but do remember gauging its size by how tall my father was (5′ 10’/11″) and it was somewhat taller. I somehow got the impression stuck in my head that it was a young male. At no time did I feel threatened or afraid, simply shocked at seeing something I hadn’t known existed.

Describe the creature with detail:

This Sasquatch was probably a bit over 6′ and was covered with “silky” fine dark brown hair that was about 6-8″ long. I remember seeing it blowing slightly in the breeze. We made and held eye contact for several seconds and its face – especially the eyes – were VERY human even in expression, with the only difference being the presence of hair — like a man who had never shaved. I don’t recall any aspect of this creature that was ape-like or resembling anything other than human. In fact, I remember thinking that his hair and mine would be a perfect match. Everyone tried to tell me that it had been a bear or escaped gorilla — fat chance — I argued them down with facts each time until they stopped offering explanations or anything else. They finally chalked it down to me wanting attention — but what about my friend that saw it too???

Any additional Info?

Since this incident, I did on 3 occasions hear them “call” in the area and have sensed their presence in other areas. I’m sure many neighbors had stories but the only ones I heard first hand are related here. One lady, Jessie xxxx, a friend of the family, related a story that she had been picking berries along the gravel road that leads into her farm. Across from this road was a dense forested area that connected to a larger section of woods. One morning as she was picking berries in the fence-row something in the woods behind her was watching and keeping pace with her, she could hear it take steps in the brush whenever she would move. Being fearful, she quickly picked berries in the direction of her house until reaching the end of the fence-row where she turned and forced herself to walk to the house as though nothing was wrong. She was afraid that if she ran whatever it was would chase her. Another neighbor kept coon hounds chained in his backyard on the edge of a wooded area. One night all his dogs were out hunting with his sons, but one that remained tied. At a late hour he heard the dog barking and yelled out the door; the dog was quiet then immediately started barking again. This time the man noticed the bark was different. As he was preparing to go out to have a look the dog stopped in mid bark. Satisfied and sleepy he went to bed but the next morning when he went to feed the dog it was missing it’s head — collar still tied to the tree. He said he finally found the head some great distance away in the woods. The community turned his story into a joke of sorts; well something finally sobered him up.
Follow Up: 3-24-12

I spoke to Paddy over the phone. She was walking towards some thick bushes with the intention of collecting leaves for her class project. When she was about 15 feet away she heard rustling in the bushes and watched this hairy creature crawl out on its belly, “like you would see someone crawl under a barbed wire fence.” It stood straight up facing her. They made direct eye contact. It looked shocked to see her. Paddy said, “If he could have spoken he would have said oh shit!” The eyes were dark brown and very human-like in both size and shape. The skin seemed to be soft human skin, “like someone with a tan, not thick and leathery.” The hair looked to be fine and silky, not course. The hair on face wasn’t as long as on the rest of the body. The rest of the facial features were all human-like: thin lips, fine nose–not a broad nose like some are depicted. It seemed frozen when they made eye contact. The head was rounded. It looked like a big person, not a gorilla. The hair was dark brown and averaged about 6 inches in length, except on the face. It looked very muscular, with shoulders wider than a normal man’s. Paddy believes it was a young male, possibly seeing some gentiles, but can’t quite remember. The hands were very human, even though it had dark hair on it. Witness said when the 1967 Patterson footage came out; she realized “that’s it, that’s what I saw.” It had a short muscular neck, but with all the hair it looked like it had no neck. Most of the area where this took place was known as “little woods”, which connected to the “big woods” which contains plenty of wilderness for these things to live. This location was at a cemetery which was close to where the witness lived. Paddy and her friend (the other witness) were told never to talk about this incident again and Paddy has since lost contact with her friend. Paddy seemed very sincere and credible.