IN Franklin 1975 #00001

Franklin County (1975) Submission: “A friend who lives in rural Franklin county said, he and a friend decided to shoot a high powered rifle at a car that was flipped on its side. He shot at it and a tall person stood up, well over the car, he yelled and said that the guy better get away from the car, as they were shooting at it. As the stranger ambled off, he realized that it was no man. Another time he said that his German Sheppard was barking at the woods across from his house. So he went and got his gun and told his dog to go get him, figuring it was probably a coon or some kind of critter. He said his dog was bad and wasn’t scared of anything. He followed it up into a trail through some brush into the woods, and suddenly his dog met him on the trail with its tail tucked and headed for home. He said anything that could scare his dog that bad; he wasn’t sticking around to see what it was, and followed close behind. And his last story he said was he was at home late at night, when he heard his trash cans banging around. He got his gun figuring it was a coon, as he peered out his window he saw a large shape going through his garbage can. Then he heard a noise next to him in the dark, and it was his dad who said he’d been watching this creature for awhile, they did not make any noise and watched the creature for a while before it finally walked away.”