IN Gibson July 1995 #00001

Gibson County, Indiana
Nearest City, Princeton, July 1995
Early afternoon near the lake at Camp Carson
I am writing this for my son. He has told the same story repeatedly. My son was away at camp. He was at Camp Carson in Princeton, Indiana. We live in Evansville, Indiana. The sighting took place in 1994 or 1995.

His story: The group was trail hiking in very tall grass about 3-5 feet high. He was at the back of the group. He stopped to tie his shoes and the group was out of sight by the time he was done tying his shoes. When he stood up he realized the group was out of sight. He started to jump up to see if he could see where the group was.

This is when he saw something very tall with long black hair, with an oval shape head. It was standing up with his back to my son and he appeared to be watching something in the surrounding trees.

He was about 6-7 feet tall, long black hair, but wasn’t able to see face because the creature’s back was facing him. Tristan started to cry because he was scared. He ran down the path screaming for the others.

He ran until he found the group and then told the female counselor his experience but she refused to believe him. Tristan has been back to Camp Carson several times since his encounter, but refuses to go trail hiking.
From: Tristan Madison’s Mother.