IN Hamilton June 10, 2005 #00003

Report Received From: The GCBRO Online Report Submission Form.

Report Posted To GCBRO Web Site On: September 1, 2005
DATE: June 10, 2005

TIME: 6:45 pm

LOCATION: Hamilton County, Indiana

TERRAIN: Woods connected by cornfields

OBSERVED: My wife 2 children (3, 6) were taking a walk down the road from our home near my father’s farm. The terrain in the area is surprising rolling hills as the surrounding area is mostly flat. The property has an intersecting of 2 creeks that flow into the White River.
As I was saying, we were taking a walk and once we had made it down to the woods, we smelled what like a rotting animal. This is not uncharacteristic of the area because a lot of animals cross the road and are hit there because of it being a sort of funnel. I was alarmed when we walked back the smell had seemed to have vanished, (the smell was nearly unbearable before and there was no wind so that was a non-factor).
I quickly grabbed my young son and increased the pace without alarming anyone else to what had alarmed me.
Once back home I told my father who lives with us and we decided to get in the car and investigate. I drove down through the area across the bridge and we smelled it for a short second. I turned around in a driveway 1/4 mile from the bridge and made my way back very slowly, I we approached the bridge from my right in the wood came the most God awful growl/scream that I had ever heard. I am a hunter and have been in the woods and heard most everything that nature can throw at you. In all my days I have never heard this sort of amplification on any sound in the woods. I know there are lots of reports submitted and some may be hoaxes but this is NOT. There has been Bigfoot activity around this area since before I was born.

Activities of Witness: Taking a walk and driving in a vehicle.

Description of Creature: No creature description, just the smell etc.
Woods was to silent as though it were hushed by something. My wife was the first to bring up that the smell had vanished and there was no wind.
The Growl/Scream went on for 3 seconds (that I could hear I was in my car and got the heck out of there.
My wife and 2 children smelled it and the vanishing of the smell.

Other Notes: In the late 70’s my older brother found footprints (bare) 18-20 inches long in the snow.
An old farmer about a 3/4 of a mile from this location saw what everyone believes was a Bigfoot; he would never get on his tractor without his gun.
There is also a trailer court next to his farm and it was said a wild man would scream and beat on the sides of the trailers.

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments: Upon contact the witness had no additional information to add to this report.