IN Harrison April 1998 #00001

Submitted to BFRO by witness on Wednesday, July 10, 2002.
Loud vocalizations and accompanying odor near Corydon
YEAR: 1998
SEASON: Spring
MONTH: April
STATE: Indiana
COUNTY: Harrison County
LOCATION DETAILS: take I 64 to exit 121. Take route 131 south for about 7 miles. Turn left onto Wiseman road. At corner of Wiseman and union chapel is my old place.
NEAREST ROAD: Wiseman/Union Chapel
OBSERVED: Me and my roommate were watching a movie, when we heard this ungodly sound from outside. It was this weird wail/howl/scream. It started out real low and guttural, like a cheap Frankenstein groan, and then shot up the octave range to an amazing high pitch wavery howl. It sounded like a cross between a woman screaming and a fire siren. It got quiet for a minute and the screaming started up again, but it sound like it had moved closer. All the dogs in the neighborhood went nuts. They sounded like they were dying or something. After the second wail stopped I worked up the nerve to open the door and go outside. It smelled horrible outside, and I got the distinct impression I was being watched. So, I went back inside, and hoped that whatever it was, it was gone.
ALSO NOTICED: I worked third shift, and sometimes there was a god awful smell in the air when I got home from work. Not the farm smells either. This was a nasty musky, rotten smell that seemed to stick to your skin.
OTHER WITNESSES: My old roommate Darrell. We were watching a movie. I think it was the prophecy. Plus any neighbors that heard it.
OTHER STORIES: Heard that a large hairy thing had been seen in the area before. Didn’t believe it till I heard that noise.
TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was about 1 in the morning, and it had just rained a while ago, but was a clear and starry night at the time
ENVIRONMENT: Farms, Heavily wooded in spots, lots of sink holes.
Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Tony Gerard:
I spoke with the witness by phone. He said there was two or three vocalizations total lasting about seven seconds each time.

Prior to the vocalizations he had experienced the odor on several occasions during the spring, and possibly one time after hearing the vocalization.