IN Harrison Fall 2010 #00004

Possible Dogman Sighting 10-9-13
Witness: Dave (last name on file)

Location: New Salisbury, Indiana

Date: Fall 2010

NOTE: This report does feature some similar characteristics to other witness testimony taken in Kentucky and around the world: a) It featured a noticeable protruding jaw, a condition known as “prognathism,” a trait found in apes and in ancient human fossil skulls; b) it transitioned from bi-pedal motion (walking on two legs) to “quadrupedalism” (running on all fours); c) some witnesses have observed small pointed ears on the side of the head; d) and noticeable canines, although in this particular case the teeth were not observed.
A few years ago a parent at the school in which I (Charlie) teach informed me about her co-worker who had a possible Bigfoot sighting. Being a Bigfoot skeptic she was reluctant to tell me. However in this case she felt compelled to tell me about her co-worker’s encounter because she explained to me that he is a highly intelligent, no-nonsense, straight-forward man who would never make up such a story. After a year of missed communication trying to obtain his name and number, I gave up. Fortunately, last week when I spoke to this parent over the phone regarding her son’s grades, she mentioned to me that she found his phone number. I immediately called him that evening to set up an interview.
We met Dave at his home on October 9, 2013 at 4:30 pm. Dave has worked as a registered nurse for 7 years and a chiropractor for 23 years which will prove very significant in this unique bigfoot sighting.
Dave saw the creature twice within a two week period. During the first encounter, he was driving home at 11:30 pm. As Dave approached his house, only a few houses down on his street, he observed a large animal on all fours run across the road directly in front of his car. It had dark brown, “rusty-colored” matted hair, a short snout, small pointed ears on the side of its head and it was much larger than a large dog. The height of its back was as high as a standard kitchen table, the front shoulders were considerably wider than the hips, and it galloped when it ran (bringing the front two legs/arms up together at the same time, then the rear two legs). It crossed the road very quickly. Needless to say, he thought this creature was very odd, especially when he saw it again a few weeks later, walking on two legs!
Dave’s second encounter occurred at 6:30 am, just after sunrise. He was inside his home when he looked out his window and noticed a hairy, bi-pedal figure (estimated at 6’ 3”), with a very unusual gait, walking down his street. He had a clear, close view of the creature as it walked parallel to his home, only about 30 feet from his windows, although the sunrise was on the direct opposite side of the creature. After watching it from his windows, Dave ran outside to continue viewing this peculiar creature. When he doesn’t immediately see it, he walked to the street and eventually saw it about 100 feet from his location, walking away from him on all fours. It turned and looked back at Dave and that’s when he realized this was the same creature he witnessed a few weeks earlier that darted in front of his car. It did not have a bulky, muscular build, but instead more of a normal, uniform build for its height. Based on Dave’s years of experience in the medical field, he estimated its weight at about 200 lbs. The arms were slightly longer than a human’s and the head was proportionate to its body. The hair was short (maybe only an inch), matted and uniform in length/color throughout.
Interesting Notes: When it was walking upright, it leaned forward, it did not walk heal to toe (more on the ball of its feet), the lower legs had a slight backward curve to them, it had a slight bounce to its step, it had a 3-4 inch snout and small pointed ears on the side of its head.

Watch video interview here.
– Charlie Raymond and Karen Moreno Lawyer, KBRO Investigators