IN Jasper November 2000 #00001

Wheatfield, Indiana
I’m from Wheatfield Indiana and I saw a “bigfoot” once. November 2000 I was with a friend of mine, Jordan; we were walking through some woods near his house at night trying to scare his brother getting him to come too, but he wasn’t there. We were about 10 min. from the beginning of the woods when we heard a screeching noise, it was kind of low pitched and scratchy, but it sounded close. Then while we were walking back we could see the streetlights far-off through the trees, when something went by, then we heard a noise behind us a few seconds later we both saw something crouching behind some tree stumps about 30 feet away his dad cut down a few months earlier for firewood. The thing was a dirty-gray color with a human-like face; it then ran off in the other direction when it saw us. We took off toward the road. The next day we both went out by the stump and found nothing more, no footprints no nothing.
“John Johnson”