IN Jefferson December 8, 2015 #00002

Jefferson County- Jefferson Proving Ground Testing Facility (December 8, 2015): The time was 11:40 AM. Location: Driving South on Rt.421 near the Jefferson Proving Ground testing facility going to Madison Indiana from Versailles Indiana. I saw an up-right creature walk, left to right and cross the road approximately 1 mile ahead of me. I realize it must have been very big to be able to see this from approximately 1 mile away. My speed was 60 mph, and took about 1 minute to arrive at where I thought I had seen this thing cross the road. I slowed, almost stopped in the road, there was no traffic either heading north or south at the time I witnessed this, however there were no signs of anything being disturbed or nothing visible. The weather at the time was 52 degrees and partly cloudy with at least 1 to 1 1`/2 mile visibility I must admit, at first I thought I just imagined this, however I know what I saw….wow!!