IN Jefferson October 2015 #00003

Holton —Big Oaks Wildlife Refuge (October 2015): Not sure about Bigfoot existing as are most people, but I had the strangest experience while hunting last month. It was the first archery hunting at Big Oaks near Madison, Indiana. I was hunting with my son who’s an avid believer and watches television shows about it all the time. We were in section 10 on the northwest side of the lake and it was still dark, just approaching daylight. We heard the loudest screaming sound ever. It made three loud calls and the woods just exploded with noise from all the birds. I honestly thought it was a monkey at first but after talking with my father he said it was a peacock. The only issue I have with that is the section I was in was too deep to be able to hear a peacock on a farm nearby. Not sure if they make sounds like this, but we were definitely freaked out after hearing it. I have listened to bobcats, coyotes, mountain lions, and peacocks sound clips since and it sounds closest to a peacock.