IN Jefferson Summer 1994 #00005

Madison (Summer 1994): I was in a car that stopped for a moment because of something strange behind us (looked like car lights coming from the woods). After a few moments of the car stopped I looked to the passenger side towards a field. That is when I saw a large hairy figure walking towards us. In a moment it was right on top of us and looking through the back window straight at me. It hit the trunk of the car with a thud. I screamed and the driver took off not knowing exactly what happened. I saw the creature run off into the field never to be seen again as we drove off to get away. I was the only person to observe directly what happened but the other 2 passengers felt the car shake and thought they saw a person moving but couldn’t describe to the same level of detail. We got pulled over by a local police officer when we got to city streets and were still driving faster than we needed to be. When he realized how scared we were he allowed us to leave with just a warning.