IN Jennings August 4, 2001 #00001

Submitted to BFRO by witness on Wednesday, October 10, 2001.
Three friends have close encounter
YEAR: 2001
SEASON: Summer
MONTH: August
DATE: 08/04/01
STATE: Indiana
COUNTY: Jennings County
LOCATION DETAILS: Near Crosley Wildlife Area
NEAREST TOWN: North Vernon
OBSERVED: It was 1:30 am, myself and two friends were cave hunting at Crosley Wildlife Refuge, just walking through the woods. We had walked about a 1/2 a mile off a road, following a small stream. I commented to the other two that there was a strong smell of urine, they both agreed. We came to a small log jam, and stopped walking. I was looking around, on the bank, I thought that I heard something, I did, not only that but I saw something too. I’m not too sure what it was.
It was about 8 1/2 to 9 feet tall, it’s head was about as big as a cows head, it had very large green eyes, possibly from my headlamp its eyes were about the size of silver dollars, I could see its ears about 3 inches back past its eyes.
One of my other friends saw it. I picked up a rock and threw it at the animal; it just walked away and stopped. We all at that point started to walk fast back to where we parked the truck, all the while throwing rocks at it. It followed us, but never came closer than about 30 feet. As far as a better description, it was dark out, I guess it might have been dark brown or black in color, and a very strong smell of urine came right before we saw it.
ALSO NOTICED: Strong smell of urine, it didn’t rush at us and it didn’t run off, it sounded like it was walking on two legs.
OTHER WITNESSES: there were three of us but only two of us saw anything. Just standing there looking around like me.
OTHER STORIES: No real details, But there is a legend about a creature that lives in Jennings Co. It is called the Crosley Creature. Half man half beast.
TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was a full moon, it was about 70 degrees no wind.
ENVIRONMENT: It was in or around a small stream.
Follow-up investigation report:
2 of 3 witnesses have been interviewed. If anything substantial about this report changes, updates will be posted immediately.