IN Jennings February 20, 2001 #00002

Submitted to BFRO by witness S.A. on Friday, February 23, 2001.
Woman reports vocalizations and other occurrences
YEAR: 2001
SEASON: Winter
MONTH: February
DATE: 20th
STATE: Indiana
COUNTY: Jennings County
NEAREST TOWN: North Vernon
OBSERVED: I live in Indiana and feel that I have heard one of these amazing creatures. I have heard them in back of my house frequently over the past 3 weeks. Sometimes it sounds like something is hurt, sometimes it sounds almost like a train whistle. We live close to a train tracks so we can tell the difference. There was also a deep mark in the mud behind the shed one day, and some pumpkins that were leftover in the field from last fall were suddenly gone one day, like they were carried away.
ALSO NOTICED: I could hear footsteps one time, but when the cops came it was gone. And I have heard like heavy footstep noises in the back at night that would step, then stop for a few seconds, then step again.
OTHER STORIES: 3 friends and I had an experience at Clifty Falls about 2 years ago.
ENVIRONMENT: Outside of town there are woods that range about 6 miles by 6 miles and there are houses near the woods where I have seen deer and other creatures but the howling seemed like someone was in pain or something like it was lonely.
Follow-up investigation report:
The individual filled in many details for this researcher. We discussed some methods for documenting any future occurrences. We will remain in contact.