IN Johnson Summer 1973-74 #00002

REPORT RECEIVED: From the GCBRO Online Reports Submission Form
DATE: 1973-74
TIME: Late Night
LOCATION: Indiana, Johnson County. We lived in the country; closest towns were 4-5 miles away. This area is now very populated. 25 years ago it was sparse. The road we lived on was (Name Withheld) in Johnson county. Our house sits very close to the road. My parents still live there. I now live about seven miles south of them. My parents have lived and farmed this ground since the 40’s.
OBSERVED: First off I will say I’m skeptical but interested in Bigfoot lore. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in the woods and have never seen anything that gives me strong feelings this exists. Now for the part I will talk about, there were three things that happened over 25 years ago that have overtones to much of what I’ve read in some of your other reports.
The first occurred during the summer of 1973, my parents were on vacation and I was home alone. I worked nights at that time at a factory in the city; I had just gotten home and gone to bed. I was awoken at about 3-4 in the morning by the most god awful growling I’d ever heard in my life. As I said above, I’ve spent time in the woods, I’ve heard dogs and cats growl and scream. I’d heard coyotes and wildcats, this sounded nothing like any of those! I rolled over out of my bed, crawled on my belly to the closet where we kept our guns in the house and basically waited it out till morning. I went next door to my brothers. My brothers house is 75-100 feet from my parents, he also worked nights, got home about the same time, he told me he heard nothing, must be imagining things.

The second incident took place the next summer. My dad woke me up at about 2 in the morning. All the dogs in the surrounding area were going nuts, we heard what sounded like a battle with a lot of barking, growling, etc.., then it really got weird, it got dead quiet. My dad told me to stay in the house, he grabbed his old 12 gauge and went outside and came right back in. He didn’t see anything but didn’t feel real comfortable about staying out there. As for the dogs, we found one out in a field the next day, dazed and in shock, the other was gone for about for about 2-3 days and both were pretty beat up. I remember remarking to dad how these dogs were beat, not pawed, not clawed, but beat. Nothing was seen to give me a firm feeling that a large bi-pedal creature did this. But both events were strange.
One other event I’ll add. This happened to a friend that lived a 1/4 mile or so down the road. He was once walking the woods of his parents (now his own) property. He once came to my house all shook up said he had been roaming the creek banks, when something big came crashing out the brush at the top the hill and went running off thru the woods. This was probably 2-3 years before the above events, probably 1970-71, can’t really remember?

Description of Creature: N/A
Activities of Witness: Sleeping
Other Notes: I remember my dad talking about something prowling around our farm in the early 60’s. Everyone always said it was a big cat?