IN Kosciusko 1970+ #00003

My father has been an avid hunter his entire life. He lived in North Central Indiana (Kosciusko County). We used to hunt a very large and isolated area north of Claypool, IN. This area was very rugged and this part of the state is heavily wood as many know. Well one morning my father was hunting deep in the woods in one of his stands and describes seeing a bi-pedal figure about 8-10 feet tall rummaging in the lower branches of a tree. He never told anyone this story until he told me a few weeks ago. He told me that it had to “be a black bear” on its hind legs. He said the color was similar to a black bear. He said he lost sight of it but I imagine there might be more to this story. I could tell that he did not like telling the story anyway. I think that there very well could be something in Kosciusko County. I’m just not sure what it is. I too hunted those woods with my father and at times felt like there was something watching me. Even into my late teen years my father would always come get me out of my stand at dark. Almost makes me wonder if he was trying to protect me from something. (Short story from one of our readers) Kosciusko County is very North Central, just South of Elkhart County. Sightings reported around Chain O Lakes, Silver Lake and surrounding areas as late as 1970 and still continue.