IN Kosciusko 1972 #00013

RECEIVED: From the G.C.B.R.O. Web Site Submission Form
DATE: 1972?
TIME: Several occasions
LOCATION: Kosciusko County, near Mentone Indiana

TERRAIN: Farmland with nearby wooded areas and swamp areas

OBSERVED: We had a burn barrel outside and it was one of my chores to go burn the trash. It was sometime during the winter because there was light amount of snow on the ground. After I had the fire going good I heard a scream that just made me stop and freeze what I was doing. It scared me so much I didn’t know if I should run or what. This scream was unlike I had ever heard before or since. I ran to the house and yelled at my parents and they all came out and listened to it. It would scream then pause for maybe 30 seconds or a minute and then scream again. It kept doing this for a long time. We all finally got tired of listening to it so we went inside. A little while later I went back out to see if it was still doing it, but it had quit. This scream was approximately 400yds. (Purely guessing because of a fencerow that is back in that cornfield) it was going from one end of the field and back and forth over and over. I assumed that it was a type of bird because of how fast it went back and forth across the field! I have lived in this part of Indiana all my life and have never heard anything like it since. We kept hearing this scream on and off for several months but sort of got used to it. Until one night that next summer we camped at the edge of a cornfield and a woods behind my best friend’s house about 3/4 mile from where I lived. 3 of us, my older brother, my best friend and I were still up sitting around the campfire at maybe 1:00 am and we heard the scream way off in the distance but it didn’t bother any of us. Maybe less than a minute later it screamed at the bottom of the small hill we were camped on and we all freaked out and yelled and jumped into the tent. I estimate it was only maybe 20yds. away but that area was all tall corn and none of us saw anything. We didn’t sleep any that night but never heard anything the rest of the night.


DESCRIPTION OF CREATURE: The scream sounded like a woman screaming only a whole lot louder and very strange.


OTHER SIGHTINGS IN THIS AREA?: My brother was driving us home one night near this area and as we crested a small hill we saw eyes reflecting but running across the road and I thought it seemed very high off the road but thought it was just deer and the hill made it seem taller, optical illusion.