IN Kosciusko 1980 #00012

REPORT RECEIVED: From the GCBRO Online Report Submission Form
DATE: Late 1970’s early 1980’s
LOCATION: Indiana, Warsaw, Kosciusko County
TERRAIN: Woods and Fields
OBSERVED: I wish to relate a story told to me about two years ago by a co-worker originally from Indiana. Now, I wish to make it clear that this fellow is not prone to telling tall tales as he is the epitome of the clean cut and well educated businessman. A Purdue grad and a well heeled upwardly mobile professional. He would be the last person I would expect to hear a tall tale from.
This sighting was related to me after we happened to be discussing the odd stories one can find in the internet involving all manner of weird stuff. Somehow the topic of Bigfoot came up and we digressed into small talk about that. He then mentioned that as a young man he and his friend had seen a Bigfoot one late-Summer’s day just after school had gotten back in session. This sighting would have occurred in the late 70s or early 80s while he was still in high school.
The story goes something like this: “…it was still early afternoon when my friend and I had gotten home from Junior-high for the day. We had ridden the bus together and had decided to hang out for the rest of the afternoon walking around the fields and patchwork woods that bordered my parents property located near the Warsaw, IN area. We were walking along the dirt road leading to the ‘back 40’ when we came up over a rise that overlooks a large cornfield, that’s when we saw it. The creature was walking away from us along the border of the corn and the woods at a fairly fast clip, arms swinging like a man’s”. Upon questioning, he estimated the distance to be approximately 100 yards. The creature was jet black in color and hairy from head to toe and approximately 7-8 feet tall, it never looked back at them, he seemed to think it had heard them coming. “As it neared the end of the corn at the corner of the woods, it grasped and yanked a whole cornstalk out of the ground in one quick sweeping motion and took the stalk along as it disappeared into the woods”. He later expounded on this by asking if I had ever tried to pull-up a full grown commercially farmed corn stalk? I said yes, I had tried while out bow-hunting with the intent of clearing out a few stalks in my path and had only limited success at the feat. This was while using both hands, not just one as the Bigfoot had done. “After the Bigfoot (he never actually used this term) went into the woods we just looked at each other for what seemed like minutes with wide eyes and slack jaws.
“We ran back to the house and got the horses (I guess they kept horses, as I didn’t pursue this). We arrived back on scene riding horseback several minutes later, we had second thoughts about going in there after the thing, guess we were too scared. Our dog did chase into the woods though, and came shooting back out tail between its legs less than a minute later after we heard a loud crash a hundred yards in or so. That was enough for us; we hightailed it back to the house and called it a day”.
He later tells that a hired hand they knew had seen the creature several times a few weeks later and thought better at telling anyone about it.
This would have seemed an unlikely story as I had previously only heard about Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest. Upon some investigation though, it seems that Bigfoot is seen all over the US and is particularly active in Ohio and bordering States. Mr. B. (what I’ll call him) told the story in an off-handed and casual way, he seemed sincere about the whole affair and I for one believe him. For whatever that’s worth.

Description of Creature: Walked upright, jet black in color and hairy from head to toe and approximately 7-8 feet tall
Activities of Witness: Walking around the field and patchwork woods.
Other Notes: N/A