IN Kosciusko 2002 #00011

Report Received From: The GCBRO Online Report Submission Form.

DATE: 2002
TIME: Around 3:00 pm
LOCATION: Indiana, Kosciusko County

OBSERVED: Me and my cousin were walking in a wooded area where we have a fort next to a corn/bean field I am 12 and my cousin was 14 at the time well anyway we started walking back towards camp, and then about 2 acres along we heard some sticks crunching up on the hill. Having been in the woods many times before we thought it was just a deer. Well I looked up and saw what looked like a massive gray hair covered rock then I looked closer and saw it was moving!! Well naturally I grabbed my cousin and said look at that and being the loud person that I am I yelled and at that very moment I heard a loud grunt and the so called “moving rock” turned around and I saw what looked like an 8 foot tall human like gorilla. Whatever we saw ripped a small tree out of the ground and threw it, not at us but close. I think it was like a warning or something then it took off running towards where we were going at about 20 mph I would say, and being dumb as we are we took off after it. We got all the way back to camp without seeing it again. We were not scared we were just freaked out. We went back to where we saw it and found what looked like a kind of bedding. We could see where it had gone because it ripped everything out of its way. We followed its path but we hit a dead end. We never heard or saw it again.

Activities of Witness: Just horsing around in the woods and talking loud.
Description of Creature: About 8 foot tall grayish white hair. Looked like a human but its arms were irregularly large and kind of just swung around as he walked.
Other Notes: You could tell where it ran because everything was ripped out of the way.
Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments: Upon contact the witness had no additional information to add to this report.