IN Kosciusko Fall 1992 #00007

Indiana Bigfoot Awareness Group Report #0009-2005
DATE: Late Aug. or Early Sept. ’92 or ’93
TIME: Around 11PM
LOCATION: Kosciusko County – 1050 N. a couple hundred feet West of Co. Rd. 450 E.
TYPE: Visual Sighting
AREA/TERRAIN: Woods on south side of 1050 N. / Corn field on North side of 1050 N. Entire area is rural farm and wooded, with some swamp areas near.
WEATHER: Clear / Dark
EVENT/ENCOUNTER: “I and a friend of mine were traveling into Syracuse from the Leesburg area in my friend’s car. (Nissan sports car). Friend was driving. Was somewhere around 11pm we came over the hill towards the intersection and began slowing down for the stop sign. We noticed a shadow moving out into the road, so my friend slowed down faster by applying the brakes. As we approached the place where the shadow was, we came to a crawl (about 1- 4 MPH), then saw the dark figure again out the right side of the car. As we watched it, the figure ran around the back of the car and into a corn field. We were able to see the figure out the sunroof, so the thing either jumped over the trunk or was tall enough that we were able to see it through the sunroof. As I can recall, it didn’t appear that it got any shorter as it ran into a cornfield, so I think it was tall.
SEEN/OBSERVED: Could not see anything ‘clearly’, happened fast in the dark. Was able to ascertain height 7 – 8 feet. Long wooly coat, like a sheep dog, dirty grayish.
HEARD: Nothing.
OTHER NOTES: Taken from report form: “It ran and disappeared, we went on to eat.” – “Made out arms and legs and body. Head looked like art of the body sloping to the shoulders and about half the width of the shoulders.” – “It was upright, large strides, swift and graceful.” -“Definitely ruled out the figure being a deer based on the stride, upright run, and the texture of [it’s] exterior.” – “Not sure what this figure was, taller and faster and more agile than a person.” – “Still not sure what we saw. The closest known creature to what we saw is described by basically a bigfoot.”

Mike’s Notes: This report came into me after a couple different media articles had come out on Indiana Bigfoot: WNDU 16, The Mail-Journal, The Goshen News. This reminded the witness of the incident from early ’90s, but doesn’t remember which year exactly, but it was either late Aug. or early Sept. due to corn in the fields still having green in them, yet it seemed like it may nearly have been fall. The short of the story is they were driving EAST on Co. Rd. 1050 N. and a few hundred feet East of where 1050 N. “T’s” into 450 East, a shadowy figure caught their attention, so they slowed down fearing “something” might run out in front of the vehicle. Instead, as they crawled past where they perceived it was, it darted out from the edge of the woods and ran behind the car. The sun roof was apparently open, because as they looked back toward it, they saw it thru the sunroof as it continued on to the north, into the corn field.
I’ve driven this area of the county many times, day and night… before I ever got this report, I had always said to myself, ‘If there were ever a good place to have a sighting, this area would be’… so I wasn’t surprised when this report came in. This is one half mile south, and 1 1/2 miles east of a 2004 sighting, and about 2 miles south (as the crow flies) of a mid-80’s sighting up on 1200 North. (Bowser Rd.) It’s also just a few miles from our family farm/lake area. And, within a few miles of THIS location to the direct south, I’ve had an ‘undefined’ sighting in early summer ’04 as well as vocalization reports from the same general area just north of Tippecanoe Lake in a wooded area.
Like any ‘report’, this one is at best anecdotal due to the age of it, with no real ability to go back and verify anything about it, except that this road and these people exist. Both names have been held by request.
I’ll continue to make that area north of Dewart Lake part of my routine travels when I do late night, weekend driving. If the chance ever presents itself, I may stop and talk to some of the farmers in the immediate area to several of these sightings. It would be interesting to hear if any of them have had unusual events over the years out there.

Michael R. Bardsley
Indiana Bigfoot Awareness Group