IN Kosciusko October 2005 #00010

DATE: Late Sept. or early Oct. 2005

TIME: approx. 12:30 a.m. on a weekend

SIGHTEE: Name(s) withheld by default and by request. The two are sisters living in Kosciusko County.

LOCATION: On County Road 450 N. in Kosciusko at county road 1000 E. which is the boundary road with Whitley County.

TYPE: Visual Sighting/Encounter

AREA/TERRAIN: Swamps/lake area with wooded areas all over area. Rural with scattered farms around the area. Gravel quarry to the north a few hundred yards and Native American Burial Site also to the north back closer to Backwater Lake.

WEATHER: unsure – typical fall cool weather nothing about the weather really stood out to be remembered.

EVENT/ENCOUNTER: (taken directly from report form)
“Hi, Umm…My name is Xxxxxxxxxxx, and I just thought, I know I’m not much help or anything, but one night as me and my younger sister were driving, this was some time ago, I believe in September/October of last year, we were driving home from Fort Wayne, the back way taking 5 [State Road 5], and we turned off of 5 onto a back road that takes us to Ponderosa Estates, where my sister lived. As we were traveling down the back road that goes by Whispering Springs, we saw this huge black bear looking thing, out of the corner of our eyes from my Jeep Liberty. I quickly looked at my younger sister and asked her if she had seen that, and she said yes, and we looked back and slowed down and we saw this huge massive thing chasing the car, alongside the road, we quickly got scared and I stepped on the gas and drove as fast as I could to her house, and we sat in her drive way, terrified. To this day, I do not take that road, due to that night, and if I have to take that road, I will only take it during day light. We were terrified and so I do believe in all of this stuff that’s being said, because we think we have seen it firsthand. But this thing was huge, the biggest moving thing I have ever seen and at first you couldn’t see any hands or anything, but then as it was running you could see it had arms and legs. Sorry we aren’t much help; I just thought I would share this encounter with you. Thanks for your time, Xxxxxxxxx.”


HAS AFFECTED SIGHTEE: Hasn’t driven that road at night since the event occurred.


MIKE’S FOLLOW-UP: While the sightee simply can’t remember the exact day/date this occurred, she’s sure it happened right toward the end of September or beginning of October and on a weekend. Right after turning WEST onto County Road 350 North in Whitley County having come north on State Road 5, they approached the intersection where 1000 E. “T’s” to the north off of this road, which becomes 450 N. in Kosciusko County as you continue west. Just as they cleared the intersection the sighting occurred to the left or south side of 450 North. (picture from intersection perspective will be attached below this report)

Upon seeing ‘subject’, the two sisters acknowledged that they had just seen something unusual, so Xxxxxxxx, the older sister who made the report, hit the brakes hard and nearly came to a complete stop with just a little rolling left in the car. As she kept a foot on the brake pedal, they turned around in their seats and could see a large hairy ‘creature’ running up on the back of the car. At that point, she hit the gas and began to speed away. It ‘appeared’ that the creature pursued them right at first as they took off while it was still in sight. They then drove a little over a mile (+) away to where the younger sister lives.

It’s worth noting that immediately to the north of the “T” intersection, there is an area that has been under excavation for gravel for quite some time, and just a little further to the north on the west side of 1000 East, is a camp facility, where county records indicate a Native American Burial site is located. This whole area is generally known and referred to as “The Backwaters” of North Webster, and is only a couple miles due east and a little north of a Barbee Lakes area sighting on October 1, 2005 by two individuals. This area (the backwaters) is also only a “stone’s throw” from Tri-County Fish and Wildlife Area… extended portions of which border with the Backwaters area as they both are bordered on the east by State Road 5.

I’ll keep you updated, and this area under investigation and under a watchful eye as Spring is only weeks away. This sighting would have been only a few weeks after autumnal equinox.

-Michael R. Bardsley
Indiana Bigfoot Awareness Group
Received: Feb. 26, 2006 / Posted: March 5, 2006
Intersection of 450 N & 1000 E.

You are generally facing Southwest … road is heading West.