IN La Porte October 1985 #00003

REPORT RECEIVED: From the GCBRO Online Reports Submissions Form
DATE: 10/85
TIME: 7:30PM
LOCATION: Indiana, Kingsbury Tracy, La Porte County
OBSERVED: I do not know what you would think of my encounter, I have been reluctant to tell anyone of this for fear of what they would think of me, only a few people know, my brother, wife and mother. It was in the fall of 85 in a remote area of Northern Indiana, It was about 7:30 PM, It was dark, I was camping A friend of mine had left me approx. 30 min. to go home and get some things for the night.
I had just got a fire going and had my tent up, I heard a noise that sounded like a grunt, I did not pay attention to it thinking it was a deer, about 5 min later I heard it again, this time it was louder, at this time I thought it was my friend playing a game so I shouted knock it off, there was no reply, it wasn’t 1 min. later and I heard it again, this time it was very loud, I began to get scared and shouted I have a gun, I didn’t, but whoever or whatever, they were, didn’t know this, I picked up a stick and pointed it in the direction of the noise, I shouted again “knock it off, I have a gun” about this time something flew at me out of the woods and landed about 5 feet away from me it was a large log I yelled again and another one hit the ground I then heard another loud grunt this was closer than the one before, it was directly in front of me.
I didn’t know what to do so I ran in the direction of the road, the road was about 1 mile away down a dirt road, to the right of the dirt road was RR tracks and to the left about half way down this road was an open field, and it was nothing but mud at this time of year. I got about a quarter of the way down the road when I heard what sounded like rocks moving, mind you there was rocks on the RR tracks, then I heard loud grunts to my left. On the tracks, the road dipped down and rose again so I knew I was at the half way point so I stopped to rest, I didn’t hear the grunting at this time, I was resting at the top of the dip in the road. It dipped down about 3-4 feet and rose again, I bent over and put my hands on my knees, looking down at the ground, about 2 min. passed when I heard a scream that would have put the fear of — in any man and it had come from directly in front of me, I looked up and saw a large whatever standing dead center in the dip in the road and this thing was at eye level to me and I am 5.7 ft. I then screamed out as loud as I could and started across the field. I made it to my friend’s house and I could hardly speak. I along with 4 other people went back about 4 hrs later in a car, and all we saw was the logs where they hit and my tent tore up. No foot prints, nothing else.
I have been having nightmares for years they come and go it is hard to talk about it with others they don’t believe. you or they think you’re nuts, to this day I don’t know what it was, it made noises that no man that I know of can make, what I saw was a large bulky outline of something that stood near 7.3/4 feet there was no smell like people say they smell when a bigfoot is near to my knowledge no big foot have been sighted in northern Ind. I had to get this out to others so maybe I can sleep. Sorry about the spelling.
Description of Creature: Large bulky outline, 7.3/4 feet tall.
Activities of Witness: Camping

Other Notes: I thought my friend could have played a prank on me but when I arrived at his house he was warm and had just finished dinner, his mom and sister stated he had been home for about an hour and a half.
30 to 50 LB. logs where all over the camp site including on top of my tent.

Other Notes: N/A