IN Lake August 16, 1937 Article #00001, #00002

BOONVILLE, Ind., Aug. 16, 1937 (INS).
They’re looking for a hairy ape near here today after a monster has terrorized this community.
Persons living near Cypress beach, a few miles south of here, have told tales of encountering a giant beast which specializes in blood-curdling screams in the middle of the night and leaves foot-prints larger than a human’s.
Ralph Duff, a fisherman, first reported the animal about a year ago after his police dog was torn to shreds in an encounter with the beast.
This week-end Mrs. Duff said she heard a terrifying howl late in the night and saw a tower monster larger than a bear. When she screamed, the beast ran away.
Duff believes that the animal is a huge ape, which lives in one of the caves along the river, and has set a number of bear traps.

FROM: THE HAMMOND TIMES Article Dated 08/16/1937