IN Lawrence September 4, 2005 #00002

Report Received From: The GCBRO Online Report Submission Form.

Report Posted To GCBRO Web Site On: October 10, 2005
DATE: September 4, 2005

TIME: Approximately 8:00 pm

LOCATION: Lawrence County Indiana

TERRAIN: Densely wooded forest with deep hollers, steep hills, sink holes, caves

OBSERVED: I was squirrel hunting in late afternoon, and ended up hunting farther away from my truck than I had planned on. Subsequently, it got dark, as I was heading back. I didn’t have a light, and was only barely able to make out the faint trail that I was following back towards “sally hill”. It was as I was approaching the southern base of the hill, (it’s like 908 ft tall) walking quietly but rapidly, when I heard what sounded like two baseball bats (wooden) being struck very forcefully together 3 times, with about a 2 sec interval between the strikes. These sounds came from slightly above me, like from a bench of the hillside maybe 50-75 yards away. They made me stop in my tracks, and my hair stand up, also had a very strong feeling of dread/fear, and felt the need to walk more quietly. About 30 min later, after having walked constantly, and in the same direction, I once more heard the same thing, (exactly!), once more from the same side of the trail, and STILL pretty much even with me!?, maybe only a little farther away-75-100 yds? Then approx. 15 min later, I came out at the end of a dead-end gravel road, and just needed to walk the 1/2 mile uphill to get to my truck. I heard nothing more unusual. After reading up on other sightings, etc… I have since remembered seeing “stacked” tree limbs against a tree, just the previous day, approx. 6 miles due north of this site, also of natl. forest property. At the time I passed it off as something kids would do, like building a “fort” in the woods, not so sure now.

Activities of Witness: Early season squirrel hunting

Description of Creature: Didn’t see anything, however whatever struck those two “large, cured-not dead wood or puny” pieces of wood together, did it with a lot of strength/force, as well as with a deliberate pause in between. At the time, I got the feeling it was an attempt to communicate with another, (me?-maybe it mistook me for another, walking quietly, and with no light, for over an hour in the dark, and from where there are no houses or roads for a few miles)

Other Notes: I have heard of reports west in Martin Co. as well as in n/e Lawrence Co.

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments: Upon contact the witness had no additional information to add to this report.