IN Madison 1976-1977 #00001

John: There was a pretty good growth in Warsaw in the 70’s and I don’t know if that had anything to do with running them off you know.
Terri: Well, you know, out there you had, you know…that dump was still active. You know people were throwing away a bunch of crap and it’s hard telling, something could’ve been out there living…
John: But they could’ve had that as a resource…it was a resource for them because they could find…
Chris: Well you’ve got water…
John: Right…
Terri: Yeah, you had creeks going through there and you had the dump…
John: Right across the street is a pond…
Terri: Yeah, is a pond in there…Richardson’s Pond. But a lot of people were seeing it you know, in that low-lying area where they sold that house up on the hill or whatever. But it was mainly around that Orestes area, and I think when you turned instead of going down Orestes Road going into Orestes but if you go the other way that’s what I think 300 there’s also another I think just as you cross over not that second bridge but there’s a little tiny bridge…
John: A culvert bridge…
Terri: There’s a culvert bridge and right off to the right there’s all that low-lying area, sometimes they farm it, but it’ll flood out sometimes or whatever, that’s kind of close to Richardson’s or whatever too. But um, so many people had saw them standing in, saw something standing in the tree lines back in there or crouched down out in that field, and you know for the city or the county or who was it, the county that said you know that they deemed it to be a horse. You know, there was a loose horse out there that people were seeing, and they were trying to debunk it.
Chris: For how long would you say people were seeing it?
Terri: I think one summer they were seeing it quite a bit, into the winter you know, but I don’t know.
*Cell Phone Ringing*
Terri (To man on Cell Phone): How they kept thinking there was a Bigfoot out there at the dump.
Man on Phone: Oh yeah, yep.
Terri (To man on Cell Phone): Yeah, we’re all talking about that. What’s up.
*Chris Restarts Recording*
Terri: Now it’s recording?
Chris: Yeah, now its…
Terri: You’re sure?
Chris: Yes, I’m sure.
Terri: So now what am I supposed to say?
Chris: Tell your story.
Terri: Ok, back in the 70’s out there by Orestes everybody kept saying they were seeing this Bigfoot down by the dump.
Chris: Do you remember what years?
Terri: No, well, your dad and I were married in ’75.
Chris: So what years?
Terri: We lived there for a year and a half, ’76.
Chris: So it was ’76, ’77?
Terri: I got pregnant with you in…
Chris: ’79.
Terri: You were born in ’79…
Chris: So ’78.
Terri: So I got pregnant with you in ’78, so we lived there for a couple of year so it was, well, in ’75 we lived in one apartment and then we moved, so probably want to say ’76-’77. Because I think we lived in that apartment a couple years before we left, and then we moved out to Innisdale and that’s where you were born when we lived out there. Um, but anyway, everyone was seeing a Bigfoot. Everybody was seeing it down in a holler, in that you know just down from the dump and all that, and it was down 300 everybody was seeing them crouching or whatever. And I can’t tell you what time it was, or what the date was, but I’d gone to sleep because our front room we had put a bed in there and it was next to the west window and when I woke up that morning to make the bed because your dad was asleep, there was a hand print. Not on the first pane but on the top pane, they were old wood windows, that was probably bigger than both my hands put together. It scared the bejeebers, and you could tell it was from the outside because you could see the palm print on it, and it was just one hand, and I couldn’t wash it, it wasn’t the new windows. It was the old wood windows so it didn’t get washed off. When I showed your dad he creeped out. But that was at least 8-10 foot at least above the window and everything else, so I don’t know if it was standing on something, if it was, I don’t know. But it scared me to death. Because nobody had been cleaning gutters, nobody had been on a ladder, the old lady that owned the house, nobody did anything. So that’s what… that’s the problem that we had.
Terri: I’m getting text messages just constant, I suppose it’s your wife. Yeah, but anyway…. Go ahead John, tell him about what… again, since he forgot to record it.
Chris: I’m not used to that recorder, that’s the pro…
Terri: Yeah…
John: What?
Terri: He’s just not used to the recorder.
John: Oh.
Terri: So, go ahead and tell him about your story.
John: It was probably in 1968 or ‘69, and uh… two other guys and myself and some girls were out…
Terri: Out going parking!
John: Out messing around. And we were out in the country but we decided we’d get out and walk around this… I guess it was a farm area, I don’t… it was wooded. And uh, but they kept, you could tell it, that they kept animals there at times. And while we were walking around one of the guys kind of said that, to me and the other guy, to look back and uh see if we see anything. And when we looked back we saw a silhouette of something that looked like it was about 7-8ft tall, and it kind of didn’t smell very well, and uh so we hurried up and got the girls back to the car and took them… took them home and come back and looked all around and we never did find anything. So the next day we told the guy that owned the property because he had some animals out in that area, and he actually went out with his gun and was searching around and all he saw was…was…grass laying over and stuff like that. He couldn’t really see any footprints because it wasn’t wet or anything like that. But you could tell something had been walking around but he never did see anything. And we never did see it after that, it was just… just uh…just that one time.
Chris: And this is up near Warsaw or?
John: Yeah, it was in between North Webster and Warsaw.
Chis: Well ok.