IN Madison Alexandria April 27th, 2018 #00005

Driving down 1100 N between 200 and 300 W, towards Alexandria from Elwood after dropping my son off at work around 11pm. Coming up to the area of the old dump I passed a small bridge over the creek and noticed something hairy sitting on the other side of the guard railing.

I passed the area and backed up to see what it was and saw this hairy thing walking back into the woods. I stopped in the middle of the road and called a friend because I swore it must have been a bear, though there are no bear in our area.

My friend asked me to pick him up and we went back into the area to see if we could see anything else however nothing was found again. The ground was hard and rocky so there was no prints that we could use to figure out what the creature was. However, where I seen it, the creature would have to have been 10 ft tall in order for me to see as much as I did.