IN Marshall 1968 #00001

RECEIVED: From the G.C.B.R.O. Web Site Submission Form
DATE: 1968

TIME: Night

LOCATION: Plymouth, Indiana, Marshall County

TERRAIN: Our house was a few yards outside of woods

OBSERVED: I was around 9 or 10 years at the time. My parents rented a mobile home which sat in the woods a few yards north east of our house. The lady that lived there visited our family with her daughters ages 2 and 6 months. My dad and her husband were not home. She left our house when it was dark outside. The baby was in a buggy and the two year old walked beside her mom.
I was upstairs in my bedroom north of the house and heard screams. I thought the sounds came from TV. I went downstairs at the exact time she burst through the doors with her children. She was white and could not speak for an hour. She said something huge jumped out at her and screamed. She said the creature wasn’t a bear.
When the men came home, the buggy was where she left it. They didn’t find anything else. Her husband says there are bears in the woods. But that would be unusual for the area we lived at. I had been in those woods several times and didn’t see any bears.
Second Occurrence:
I just got out of high school and was working a second shift job. My family wasn’t home at the time. I felt like I was being watched and so I left my lights on in my car to run and turn the lights on in the house. I came out and turn the lights off in the vehicle when the sound of a huge cat blared out from the edge of the woods. I was petrified and ran in the house and heard a loud bang from the garage (attached to the north side of the house). I stayed in the bathroom because it was the smallest room in the house until my family came home. – END