IN Monroe Fall 2011 #00012

The Street Walker

Date: Fall 2011

Witness: Wishes to remain anonymous (full name on file)

Location: Near Lake Lemon, 10 miles NE of Bloomington

County: Monroe, Indiana
I spoke to the witness by phone Oct. 30, 2016. He explained to me he was sleeping on the couch in the living room with his 4 dogs lying with him. His wife was asleep in their bedroom. He felt it was around 3am when his dogs suddenly jumped up, ran to the door barking and going ballistic. He wondered what was going on for his dogs to act this way, so he opened the window by the couch and looked outside. To his amazement, he saw a black figure walking slowly down the road without a care in the world, just like another day. He said when he first saw the figure it was about 50-75ft away. The figure walked down the road guessing around 150ft or so and turned to the right walking by his neighbor’s trailer and then continued into the woods.

The witness said he did not see any details of the figure, nor did he hear anything from the figure. However, he said this thing was massive and is guessing it was around 7ft tall. The witness is 6’3” and said this thing was incredibly larger than him. He said if not for there being a security light he believes he would not have ever seen a figure walking. He went to tell his wife what he had seen and she could see a serious fear in his eyes. She explained to me that her husband does not get scared easily.
The next day he was talking with his neighbor, where the figure walked past his trailer. The witness has not yet told his neighbor what happened the night before. His neighbor asked if he had anything weird happen last night. So the witness began to tell the neighbor what he witnessed the night before. The neighbor then told him around that same time, his dog also ran to the door and then he heard what sounded to him was something dragging their fingers or claws down the side of his trailer. Sometime later, around a campfire another neighbor across the road stated that he also had something run its fingers or claws across his trailer, 2 years prior.

I believe the witness to be credible and sincere about his encounter. His wife believes that he saw a shadow figure and not a Bigfoot. The witness believes what he saw was a Bigfoot. Both he and his wife told me that lots of strange things have happened on their property and surrounding properties. I plan to meet the witness on his property, place a long duration recording device and see what we get.

– Travis Knuckles, Lead Investigator