IN Monroe May 1982 #00006

Submitted to BFRO by witness on Thursday, January 25, 2001.
Three fishermen watched by “something”
YEAR: 1982
SEASON: Spring
STATE: Indiana
COUNTY: Monroe County
LOCATION DETAILS: Stinesville go north on gravel road to 3/4s of mile where old road bridge used to be. Turn right thru dirt in field go as far as you can then walk another mile or so.
NEAREST TOWN: Gosport Ind (Stinesville)
OBSERVED: Back in 1982 a friend, his brother and I was fishing along the White River about 4 miles north of Stinesville. We had been there many times before. That day I happened to mention that there was no birds singing or had noticed any game there After a few minutes my buddy said that he hasn’t seen any either. He did say he had a feeling of being watched, and his brother had said the same thing. After awhile of looking around while we fished I looked up on this tall ridge behind us about 50 to 75 yards behind us I thought I saw “someone” watching us. I pointed it to my buddies and they saw it to. I have lived in the country all my life, hunted day and night, still I never felt this way before. We watched each other for a long time, it moving so carefully trying to get a better look .After 45 minutes or so we thought it best we leave so we started back to my truck and “it” followed us from a distance never getting out in the open but not really trying to hide that well either. We also noticed a faint smell of something dead or so we thought. We made it to my truck and didn’t take too much time loading it; after all we walked about a mile and were ready to leave. We still tell this story today and not sure what it was but “Bigfoot” has been mentioned not disputed by my buddies or me.
ALSO NOTICED: I have been back many times later and haven’t noticed anything like that again
OTHER WITNESSES: 3 we were fishing
OTHER STORIES: When I was in school the kids that lived in the area once in a while would tell of something strange, like strange noises, thought they saw monsters things like that but not often. But I heard more stories from the lake Monroe area than where we were.
TIME AND CONDITIONS: around mid-afternoon bright clear day
ENVIRONMENT: Hilly, no houses to bother you, along the river side, very wooded and lonely place, not well travelled on foot or ridden.