IN Monroe October 10, 2015 #00008

Morgan Monroe State Forest (October 2015):

I’ve been pretty shaken up since this encounter happened, but I would like to share my story. I and two other people decided to go out on an evening deer hunt at Morgan Monroe Forest. The encounter was on October 10th, 2015. The three of us decided to hunt near each other, but spread out separately. It was nearing the end of my hunt, and I decided (since I’m not extremely comfortable in the woods alone in the dark) that I would go ahead and head back to the truck, maybe 10 mins just before dark. It was a quiet night, didn’t hear any movement, not even the annoying squirrels. I was sitting on the ground since I didn’t bring a stand with me and I figured I would get up out of my spot (I was very well hidden) and slowly stalk out of there hoping to spook a deer.
No sooner as I stood up and took about 3 steps, I heard a sound that still haunts me to this day. It was the loudest howl I have ever heard. And I have grown up in the woods, I’ve heard numerous animal noises including the crazy coyotes and this was not a coyote. It was almost as if I spooked what I believe was indeed a Bigfoot and he was letting me know that was his territory. Or maybe I startled him? It was so close to me, as if he had no clue that I was even sitting there the entire time. I immediately took off at a dead sprint back to the main trail (with my bow in hand) that took me back to the vehicle. Out of breath and screaming for the two others with me, you would have thought I was running from the boogeyman. The howl or scream, whatever it was doing, was almost as if it tried to scare me out of there. I was a good ways back into the dense woods and I heard the howls repeat themselves until I was well out of sight from it. It would howl, wait a couple seconds then do it again. It was so loud my friends heard it well across the next ridge over from me.
I’ll never forget that sound and it’s hard to convince anyone who has never encountered what I did that night, but it definitely scared the sh*t out of all of us. I’ve followed Bigfoot shows and videos for a while and I when I heard it, I immediately recognized the sound I’ve heard on many Bigfoot encounter audio recordings. To make sure I wasn’t mistaken, I got on the computer that night and sure enough the sound I heard was almost identical to every other Bigfoot audio on the net. Crazy stuff. I’ll definitely think twice before heading back into the forest. Thanks.