IN Monroe October 22, 2009 #00001

Submitted to BFRO by witness on Tuesday, February 15, 2011.
Loud, early morning vocalizations heard by duck hunters near Lake Monroe
YEAR: 2009
MONTH: October
DATE: 22
STATE: Indiana
COUNTY: Monroe County
LOCATION DETAILS: back on windy roads, I’m not familiar with the area it will be very difficult to find.
NEAREST TOWN: city- Bloomington. Monroe County
NEAREST ROAD: s Fairfax rd
OBSERVED: hey I just happened to stumble upon this website. Last year October 24 2009, I, my friend, and his dad where waterfowl hunting on Monroe Lake, in Monroe County, we were set up on a peninsula on the farthest point with two small bays behind us to our right and left. We have gone to the peninsula before multiple times to waterfowl hunt. And we went out early morning when it was still dark. Everything was normal. No birds flying though. So we were just sitting on our collapsible chairs facing the water looking by this time it was about 5 mins. After sunrise so still pretty dark. it was my friend on my right and his dad on my left, since we were shooting shot guns they were loud so I had ear plugs in. and then this extremely loud roar/ moan comes from the right bay. The moment I heard it I thought it was a dog… but it kept going and got even louder and then dropped to a very low moan/ growl. The roar / moan lasted about 8 to 10 seconds, keep in mind I had ear plugs in and I still heard that noise crystal clear. we all three stood up and just stood facing the other side of the right bay and didn’t see anything ( only a beaver in the middle of the bay. the bay was about 60 yards across. me and my friend were terrified and had no idea what made that noise. not paying attention to hunting we stood there scared to death. now I need to emphasize the loudness of the roar it was extremely extremely loud. and I looked over to my friend about 2 mins after the first noise. and I said man I wish we could hear it again. what do you know . we hear it again but it sounded much farther away. and sounded the exact same as the first noise. we were shocked . now us being hunters we knew just about any Indiana wildlife there is to know about and all the noises they make. and what we heard that day was nothing like I have ever heard in my life. so then not hunting any longer we remained standing there facing the right bay listening. we don’t hear anything else. we didn’t see and birds flying that whole morning so about 12 noon we pack up and start to walk back to where our car was parked about a 5 min walk with the gear so about 300 yards away. the path we took that morning was on the bank of the right bay… as you would think we kept our shot guns loaded on our walk back to the car. We pack up and get on our way. the spot we were in was not very populated at all there was a DNR check station about a mile down the road and some houses on the windy road back to Bloomington. Now if you know anything about Monroe is is how hilly it is and the questions we kept asking ourselves was what was that noise…? And how could it have traveled so quickly to hear again so far away? Our guesses we made where – bared owl, mule deer? dog? some sort of bear..? but we all quickly ruled out of the those. the closest was the dog. But the roar/ moan was so loud and the last 3 sec dropped to a low growl/ mumble and no dog could make that loud of a howl of any sort. It wasn’t till about half way through the 2 hour drive home to Indianapolis. That my friend’s dad said it could have been some college kids joking around since it was around Halloween with a mega phone. But then we said why college kids are up at 630 would go deep into Monroe forest find 3 hunters in complete camouflage and make that noise. Just none of our guesses were making sense with that noise we heard. It’s not till we got back to my friends house and got on the computer and immediately started looking up moans and roars. None matched we tried every animal noise in Indiana and then we were on YouTube and a video popped up. the title said bigfoot noises and pictures . That’s when me and my friend look at each other and said oh my god. quickly clicking on the video a picture of so called “big foot’ showed up and then a audio started. The noise on the video was EXACTILY the same noise we hear that morning hunting. Then we go to another Bigfoot recording. It was very similar to what we heard, and another and another and all the videos we listened to matched up just right with what we heard or very close to what we heard. Now before this incident we would always make fun of the Bigfoot TV shows and the people who believe in big foot. But I do not make fun of that any more. Me and my friend still talk about it today about what we heard on October 22 2009. I and my friend are both believers of big foot. Or not big foot but some unknown creature that is out there and no one can seem to pin point what it is so they use the name “bigfoot”

we never did go back to the peninsula on Monroe Lake that hunting year. But we did go back in October again this year to the same exact spot. we didn’t hear anything but that time we didn’t go back to the spot across the right bay to where we heard it and found no sign of anything out of the ordinary. It still remains a mystery of could have made that noise but as of now me and my friend both say what we heard was Bigfoot. All I have said is completely true. I hope this was worth reading if you have any questions or comments on this my email is [removed] ( I would actually like if you did respond to this so I can hear what you guys have to say about my story) thanks
ALSO NOTICED: there was a beaver in the lake about 40 yards out refuses to go back to land after the noise. It was just bobbing up and down in the water… almost scared
OTHER WITNESSES: 2 other witnesses my best friend and his dad they were both hunting side by side next to me
OTHER STORIES: one other. On this website. All it said was there was a sighting back in early 2009 in Monroe County
TIME AND CONDITIONS: it was about 5 mins after sunrise. it was cloudy with a very little wind it was about 35 to 40 degrees there was a small haze over the water no recent rains or storms before the incident
ENVIRONMENT: densely wooded, very hilly, small creeks run through the area, large lake. A lot of gemstone rocks in the creek beds
Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Eric Lester:
I spoke with the witness about what he heard that day.

He and two others were out duck hunting, and had been in the area about 45 minutes when they heard the first of two long, loud moan-howls. What stuck out most to all three of the hunters was the sheer volume of the vocalization – he said it kept increasing in volume until the very end, when it quieted to a ‘low, subtle roar.’

The first vocalization came from a ridge about 75 yards away from them across a bay. The second came from much further away, about five minutes later, and was exactly like the first. Given the hilly, forested terrain of the area, they feel the creature was moving relatively fast to get to the point where the second howl had sounded out from, if it indeed was one creature making both vocalizations.

Lake Monroe is the largest lake in Indiana, and is surrounded by more than 13,000 acres of protected forest. Monroe County has a number of reports included on the BFRO website. The report the witness referred to is
Report #25658.