IN Montgomery May 1994 #00002

REPORT RECEIVED From: The GCBRO Online Reports Submission page.

DATE: 5-00-94
TIME: 12:30 AM
LOCATION: Indiana, Montgomery County
TERRAIN: heavy old growth forest w/sandstone cliffs

OBSERVED: While camping with my young son, was awakened by sound of animal coming through the woods. Sounds of leaves and snapping of small twigs. I thought it was probably a raccoon or possibly a coyote, having been amused by their howling concert at sunset. I was confused, however, since the sounds normally would have been expected to be different from the type of rustling I heard. The thought of someone (human) walking through the woods at 12:30am seemed paranoid. I listened as it approached the tent, waiting to see if I was going to have to scare it off, when probably ten feet away it cut loose with the most fearsome inhuman sounds I have ever heard in my life. If I hadn’t been there with my 7 year old son, I might have been the one to have been scared away. Instead, I froze in my sleeping bag in silence, and soon heard it moving away. I described this occurrence to many friends and family for years without any possible ideas about what it could have been. Finally, I had someone tell me it could have been a bobcat. I gratefully accepted this explanation for many years, comforted in the knowledge that the wild insane sounds were made by an over-sized pussy cat. Until tonight! The Discovery Channel aired a Bigfoot investigation program. When they played the only known recording of a Bigfoot, my blood ran cold and a chill went down my spine. THAT WAS THE SOUND I HEARD I THAT NIGHT SO MANY YEARS AGO!!!! There was no doubt about it!!! The “call” echoed through the woods and ravines and then was silent. Very, very, strange!!!!!

Activities of Witness: just left the campfire and crawled into the sleeping bag, but was definitely awake!!
Description of Creature: N/A
Other Notes: I do not live in this area, but found your site trying to find out.

Additional Notes or Comments: none, except that if it hadn’t happened to me, I would have never believed it. I may have to consider being more open minded about such reports.