IN Morgan 1984 #00007

Morgan County, Martinsville, Indiana
Morgan Monroe State Forest 1984

A college student attending Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana was living a small house that’s property line bordered Morgan-Monroe state forest. Since he had moved in he spent little time there during the day and basically it was a place to sleep. But sleep was getting difficult because of the sounds that would awaken him that came from the forest. The high piercing screams would usually send him out of his bed and running for the nearest light.

Friends that would visit on the weekends said that they saw something running across his driveway behind their cars in their rearview mirrors. Rocks were being thrown on his roof at night and the constant pelting sound made it impossible to sleep.

Many times he could hear the sound of something walking around his home accompanied by the sound of loud breathing. He would walk outside look into the darkness but he saw nothing. So he decided to order a pair of night vision glasses from army surplus.

Every time he would try to use them the sounds he was hearing would stop. It was getting obvious whatever he was hearing could see the beam from the night vision glasses.

Then one night he got home very late and he had the night vision glasses in his backseat, for some reason he picked them up turned them on and started looking through them.

The first thing he saw was standing in his driveway about twenty feet away and was staring directly at him. It was at least 7 feet tall, large head, no neck and covered with long dark hair or fur. Its arms hung to its knees at its sides and it stood motionless. What he described as a ‘diamond shape pupil’ that he could see thru the glasses, shined in the light of the one outside security light. He just stared at it and he did not move, then it turned around took two steps and stepped behind a tree, and it did not move. What he noticed was the color of the hair was darker between its shoulder blades and down its back. The young man could still see the side of it. It seemed to be waiting to see if it was being followed. The man backed up and walked into his house not taking his eyes off of the hairy shoulder that could still be seen from behind the tree.

Larry Battson- Wildlife Educational Services Inc. 2006