IN Morgan 1991 #00005

This report was posted from one of Larry Battson’s reports in the Morgan Monroe Forestry. Larry has spent a lot of time researching this area as well.
Morgan County, Indiana 1991
Morgan Monroe State Forest, Martinsville, Indiana
Hidden in the wilds of Morgan Monroe State Forest is a body of water called Lost Lake. Even the locals have trouble finding it; there is no road to it.
A group of three men coon hunted this area regularly and had for over 25 years. They drove in so far and hiked the final half mile to the lake. Their coon dogs seemed to get very excited as they approached the hidden lake and the men figured there has to be coons everywhere.
One of the men that had one of the dogs pulling very hard on its lead kept thinking that something in the forest was following him.
Finally the men decided it was time to let the dogs go before they went crazy. The moment the dogs were released there was a loud crack that came out of the forest right behind them.
When they turned around to see what had made the noise they were about fifteen feet away from what had to be the largest man they had ever seen. Covered with hair the “man” was about nine feet tall and was staring them down and it was not at all afraid of the three men. The men stood motionless and watched as it simply turned around and walked in to the darkness of the forest. The men finally got their dogs called in and very quickly hiked back to their trucks.
They never hunted this area again and said they would never return to Lost Lake day or night.
Larry Battson 2006