IN Orange December 2011 #00001

Paoli Bigfoot Case
(The Case of A Brave Dog)
December of 2011:
An eyewitness, named Steve, informed me that he use to be a military field medic in Iraq. Currently being out of the military, he now works at a hospital that schedules him odd hours. Steve explained that his work hours sometimes keep him up even when he is not at work.
In December of 2011, Steve was up after midnight when he heard the neighbor’s dog barking. He stepped outside on the back porch to see what the dog was barking at. Steve stated that the moon was very bright that night to where he could see through the back yard very clearly.
Steve could see the dog leaping in the tall grass barking. He then realized what the dog was barking at. Steve advised that the dog was following this thing and barking at it. Steven stated, “I prefer to call it a thing. Up until this point I did not believe in Bigfoot. But yet there it was, bigger than life.”
Steve watched the creature cross through the tall grass in the field approximately 30 yards away. With the dog jumping at the creature and barking, the creature comes to a stop and turns toward the dog, squats down a bit and gives a deep low growl at the dog. The dog stops barking and retreats the other direction. The creature then turns and continues to walk off into a wooded area.
Steve’s wife advised that the night before, she was home alone late at night and heard a howling scream outside of their house. “It was so loud; it sounded like it was right up against our house. I’ve never heard anything like that in my life.” Steve’s wife explained.