IN Owen July 6, 2002 #00003

RECEIVED FROM: G.C.B.R.O. Online Submission Form
DATE: July 06, 2002
TIME: 10:00 P.M.
LOCATION: Indiana, Owen County

OBSERVED: I was passing the evening on my porch on the east side of my home. There is a culvert in the road that goes in front of my house. I heard an owl call then a high pitched scream that seemed to be coming south of this culvert. Several minutes prior to this I heard three whistles from the same general area. After I heard the scream from my porch, I changed shoes and put on a hat and jacket, and approached the area of the scream which was maybe thirty yards away, and then I whistled. I received two responses from north of me near the house trailer across from my home, though the responses were not as long as the initial scream. This morning I found a large stool from the general area of the scream.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESSES: Sitting on my porch.
OTHER NOTES: I heard a similar scream from this general area two weeks ago at 1am. Earlier this Spring I heard a shout from behind my home. This past Winter I heard a scream. Earlier this past June, I was out early in the morning, because I had heard some unusual calls, whistles. After I went outside, I approached the woods east of my house where I whistled similarly as I had heard whistles previously. I heard the same owl respond as last night.
Around the same time earlier this June, at 3A.M., I heard much growling east of my home. When the growling ended, I heard two whistles. I have heard whistling several times. These whistles are similar to whistles that people make not birds. In April this year, a week after attending Don Keating’s annual Bigfoot Conference in Ohio, at 2A.M. I entered the bathroom at the back of my home, when I heard outside something say “weep, weep, weep, weep, weep.” A few moments later something seemingly rushed by the bathroom window, as the blinds were closed, that caused my bathroom to shake. In the morning, after asking my wife if she noticed anything unusual the night before, my wife told me that she was dreaming that the house was shaking, and woke up. It was 2am!