IN Owen May 13, 2013 #00002

DATE: Monday, May 13, 2013

TIME: between 8:45 – 9:00PM

LOCATION: near Spencer, IN in Owen County

TYPE: Visual sighting

AREA / TERRAIN: rural, farm land, cow pasture, forest and woods

WEATHER: had been cool sunny day, turning into cool clear evening – no fog (civil twilight established to be approximately 9:21pm for this date – MRB)

DESCRIPTION OF EVENTS: [Where indicated by ” ” marks around the text, these are the actual direct quotes taken from the witness’s report made to me by handwritten submission.]

“To whom it may concern:
I think I have a “Bigfoot” sighting for you. My name is Xxxx Xxxxx, address xxx, Spencer, Indiana 47460. Phone Xxxxxxxx. Sighting at 8:45 – 9:00pm on 5/13/2013. Cool, sunny day – clear, cool evening – No Fog. Distance 80 – 100 yards away from me. No noise, no movement, horses, ducks – pigs – dogs had no reaction at all, also no smell at that time.”

[she then hand drew a map of the family farm to help me visualize what she had seen – I compared this to an online Google Earth view and found it to be as presented]

“No animals close to place I believe I saw a *Bigfoot*. Sun going down – but plenty of light still. New moon visible. It was quiet though! Unusually quiet – no birds etc.

I had walked from the house to the chicken coup to close them up for the night. Turned to return to the house and looked out at the pond to see if I could spot the ducks. At the end of the pond is a hill (dam) 8 – 10′ high. Scrubby trees, bushes grow on to top. The soil is hard, clay-muck mixture that was dug out of the pond and stacked up there several years ago. I had taken a few steps, looked at the pond and stopped, sucked in my breath and stared. It appeared to be a creature, medium gray in color, very heavily muscled (big pecs) wide shoulders, smaller looking head. 7 1/2 – 8′ tall? There is a tree close to measure, but I haven’t yet. It looked sort of shaggy. I didn’t see a face – no clearly defined eyes – just suggestions of eyes, nose, mouth.

I took 5 or 6 steps to the left/right to get a better perspective – maybe a couple steps closer. It didn’t move. I stood there about a minute waiting for movement. No movement. I walked slowly around the corner of the house – went to my car and got my <brand name> binoculars out and hurried to the back deck. I looked all over with them and didn’t see anything. I did smell an unusual odor. Not horrible, just strange – I don’t think I remember smelling it before. Two dogs in back yard on the deck. They didn’t seem excited.

{next hand written page}

There was another person in the house, but he has the flu or severe cold. I didn’t tell him. I went to the area and climbed up the pond this eve. and did not see any clearly defined footprints or find hair on any trees. There were indentations in the ground but who knows? <Name> says he rides the horse up there sometimes – not lately.

I sat on the deck this evening and waited until the light appeared the same. I retraced my steps to the chicken coup and looked again to make sure it wasn’t just the trees, bushes that may have formed the suggestion of a figure standing there. And NO – they didn’t. I saw something on 5/13 that was not there on 5/14. The weather conditions were roughly the same – just warmer.

<Name’s> room is at that end of the house – he said the dog barked a lot last night. The greenery under <Name’s> window is mashed down today. Not under my window though. I didn’t feel fear when I saw the possible *Bigfoot*, just very startled and curious. It probably would have scared me if it were closer and didn’t have a body of water between us.

My neighbor next door – <distance redacted by Mike for security> away through the trees stated a *Bigfoot* looked into her bedroom window a couple of years ago. Her window is 10′ from the ground as the land slants away into a ravine at the back of her house. She ran screaming for her roommate, but when they got back to her room – it was gone.

{flip page over}

I’m a <age> year old woman. I’m a <professional description> as well as a <other professional description>, <description again>. I do pay attention to details and my surroundings. I fish hunt and am modestly aware of nature and her creatures. I’m sure there are more things in heaven/earth than we will ever come to know.

I can’t say without some doubt that I saw *Bigfoot* on 5/13 – but I’d give it a 97 1/2% that one came to visit our little neck of the woods.

I’d be more than happy to discuss this with someone and show them the area if requested. We can also talk to the neighbor who is convinced she had a *Bigfoot* visit her house.

Thank You!

<Name and information repeated here>”

I spoke by phone in July with the witness who relayed and retold her sighting to me. Her verbal recounting of events was still as vivid and detailed as what she had written to me about in May. (I had delayed getting in contact with the witness for various reasons, for which I apologized. Every report is important – especially to an eyewitness.)

I had been putting off posting this sighting because I wasn’t sure how much of the report I wanted to include on the website, seeing that the history of Bigfoot research seems to have its ups and downs with those attempting to invade the privacy of both witnesses and those who investigate their claims. I was going too really *water down* the content of the report, but instead, I have intentionally redacted what I feel is the most specific information about the witness that should protect her privacy the most. I even considered not referring to the witness as a ‘her’ but as ‘they’.

This general area has been a good source of activity for some time now, as much of southern Indiana, and the area west of Indianapolis running over to the western state line along the Interstate 70 corridor.

I’ve asked the witness that if any additional activity were to occur to let me know, or if she were to hear of any as well. There are several active researchers in this general area of the state, so if something significant were to come about, there could be “boots on the ground” very easily.

As is with any report, I can only take the witness at their word, and having spoken with her, I’m comfortable believing that she likely did see a sasquatch/bigfoot on that Monday evening on her property.