IN Parke April 1975 #00003

Parke County, Fallen Rock, Indiana – 1975

Four high school boys were mushroom hunting in the middle of April in this very rough and wild wilderness area in the hills and hollows of Parke County.

It was about 4:00PM and was very nice day and they were finding several morel mushrooms. One of the young men heard the sound of brush breaking and heavy footsteps that seemed to be following the group. Low growls and a raspy coughing sound could be heard coming out of the forest.

When they all heard this, they decided to head back to their car that was parked on the main road. When they arrived at their car they started talking about what they were hearing.

At that moment one of the men said, “What is that?” Standing along the road was an animal that was about 8 foot tall, covered in brownish black hair and stood upright and looked very man like. The four men climbed in the car very quickly and looked out the back window to see that this creature was walking toward the car. The young man driving flooded the car and it refused to start.

Now the creature was standing right next to the trunk and the rear of the car. About then the car engine started and backfired at the same moment and when that happened the creature pounded the trunk with one huge blow with both fists.

The car sped away fish tailing and spraying gravel and the young men drove straight to the sheriff’s office. The law enforcement people did not believe their story and accused them of beating the trunk with a sledgehammer.

Larry Battson 2006