IN Perry Fall 2002 #00009

REPORT RECEIVED From: The GCBRO Online Reports Submission page.

DATE: 2002

TIME: 10:30 pm

LOCATION: Indiana, Perry County


OBSERVED: A long time ago, several hunters were hunting for a wild cat with dogs, they heard terrible scream sounds down in the valley in front of them, and all of the dogs ran and jumped back in the cars and trucks. A few years ago, a friend and his sister were picking berries and they saw a tall, hairy thing dragging limbs or a deer through the woods behind their house, it scared them white as ghosts!

Activities of Witness: driving the van looking for deer.

Description of Creature: tall, hairy thing

Other Notes: Why does my dog go crazy every night? Something is out there scaring my dog. EVERY NIGHT, she runs all around the house barking at something. It’s like something keeps coming back every night and circles the trailer all night long. She is barking right now and it is 2:15 a.m. it makes me scared.

Additional Notes or Comments: N/A